Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian of Brian’s Home. He wants us to post what we’re thankful for.

I think it’s a good thing to do each week. Focus on the positive things in our lives.

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“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.” Germany Kent

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.” Henry Ward Beecher

“Some of the best things that have ever happened to us wouldn’t have happened to us, if it weren’t for some of the worst things that have ever happened to us.” Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“To live, to truly live, one must consider each and every thing a blessing.” Kamand Kojouri

What are you thankful for today?

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54 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Cleo says:

    Dad says that first one is the best. I’m just thankful that mom and dad love me unconditionally. Dad says even when he gets mad at me for keeping them up all night or doing something he has to yell at me for, he can’t stay mad at me for long.

  2. Sandra Hangey says:

    that quote by Monkkoma is so true and my life has proved it to me over and over and over.. bad things happen and boom we are down, then good happens because of it and for that I am thankful. I am thankful i have grapes and oranges and apples in my house and milk. growing up we could not afford milk or fruit. it was rare to have fruit except when someone gave it to us as a gift. I was thinkig that when I peeled an orange a few minutes ago, that in my old age I have what we lacked in my growig up years

    • Sandee says:

      Yes that’s a good thing to remember. We were well off in my youth. We lived on a dairy farm and mom and dad had a large garden and mom would can for the winter. We raised our own meat. I did starve a lot when I was a young adult though. 🙂

    • Sandee says:

      You are so sweet. The secret some don’t get is commenting. Some never comment on other blogs and then they wonder why they end up with not comments either. 🙂

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    These are some powerful quotes, Sandee, thank you for sharing them. I’m a sucker for quotes, I just love them. Gratitude is such a blessing – to see the light and goodness in everything, even the most challenging of days, can be life-changing. Happy Thursday lovely! xx

  4. Jan K says:

    I am thankful we are finally at least getting a preview of spring! While it’s going to get cold again over the weekend, we’ve finally enjoyed some sunny and warmer days this week.

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