Ice Cream

Last week, I took my grandchildren to a restaurant. My six-year-old grand-son asked if he could say grace.

As we bowed our heads he said, “God is good, God is great. Thank you for the food, and I would even thank you more if Grandpa gets us ice cream for dessert. And liberty and justice for all! Amen!”

Along with the laughter from the other customers nearby, I heard a woman remark, “That’s what’s wrong with this country. Kids today don’t even know how to pray. Asking God for ice cream! Why, I never!”

Hearing this, my grand-son burst into tears and asked me, “Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?”

As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific job, and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly gentleman approached the table.

He winked at my grand-son and said, “I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer.”

“Really?” my grand-son asked.

“Cross my heart,” the man replied.

Then, in a theatrical whisper, he added (indicating the woman whose remark had started this whole thing), “Too bad she never asks God for ice cream. A little ice cream is good for the soul sometimes.”

Naturally, I bought my grand-children ice cream at the end of the meal. My grand-son stared at his for a moment, and then did something I will remember the rest of my life.

He picked up his sundae and, without a word, walked over and placed it in front of the woman.

With a big smile he told her, “Here, this is for you. Shove it up your behind you grouchy old bat!”

Kinda touches your heart doesn’t it?

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62 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    Smart boy, he's going to be the president of a company in the future. I hope he received another bowl of ice cream for his trouble? Even a double scoop. Ha,ha,ha. Have an ice cream cool Tuesday Sandee. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  2. Linda says:

    Your grandson's prayer and warm heart have touched me deeply. Love this, Sandee! I want to thank you so much for including my blog link in your yesterday's post. 🙂

  3. "Annie" says:

    Laughing…you got me…this is a great post. I enjoyed reading it, and I'm still laughing…

    Have a great day Sandee.

    "Huge hugs" to you and yours,


  4. "Annie" says:

    Oh, and I want to know more about Little Bit. I'm so behind…I'm guessing he or she is a cat? If so, send Little Bit "scritches" from me o.k.?


    • "Annie" says:

      Oh, thank you I would love that. I don't know if you remember any of my posts about my Golden Retriever, "Wendy" but we had her for twelve years. Wendy helped me rear my son; meaning when he went outside to play she went with him, and told on him several times.

      Thanks for telling me. Send Little huge hugs from me. :)))

  5. LAC says:

    Priceless!!! I am starting to think that "Why I never.." Is right up there with "Bless her heart". So in this case, I simply say, Hmmph, Bless HER heart! Rude old witch. I really would have been devastated if someone did that to my daughter.

  6. Nancy Chan says:

    I am glad the elderly gentleman came over to encourage your grandson. One never knows what kids are going to say. They are very frank and honest with their words.

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