Seymour #23

As Sarge Charlie was wont to say, “Heck a Brick!”

Mary Granite has moved in. Julia Sandstone is protesting in the street. Element is calling us begging us to come and get him and Seymour is being fitted for a custom projection protection so we don’t have new babies to worry about.

Seymour and Mary are talking about getting married and moving back to live with Das Skunkmeister, but Seymour says that he has to return to Daddy first and make the arrangements for their rock bed. After the arrangements are made then he will call for Mary. We are a bit suspicious about this arrangement and believe it will be Seymour’s way of leaving her behind. Mary now has nowhere to live but with us. “Heck a Brick!” But at least we know where Seymour is and don’t have to worry about him running off all over the place like the last time he was here.

Element! “Heck a Brick!” We all rock piled into the SUV and made the drive to Pebble Beach. Element looks terrible. His hemorrhoids are bleeding and making the rocks for the wall red and Guido is not happy. We were told to take him back home and Attorney Clay Feet will have to come up with another way to make good on his gambling debt. So we went to the rock store to look for an industrial sized diaper to keep the SUV clean and brought him home.

When we got home Julia was fighting with the Sheriff over her protest that is blocking the street.

“Heck a Brick!!”

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Seymour #22

We heard from Seymour’s pebbles last week. They all seem to be doing well outside the influence of dear old Rocky Dad and encourage him to do better.

But on to the problems in California.

Attorney Clay Feet has filed a complaint with the California Commission on Judicial Performance claiming that Judge Jeremy Sandstone should have rock walled himself from all issues pertaining to Seymour and Element by extension of his relationship with Julia. Our Attorney has gotten the FBI to agree to not prosecute us for the online gambling of Element, but are still doing a rocky forensic analysis of the various computers in the home. I fear we still have El Capitan to climb on that side.

Meanwhile Atty C. Feet has made a side deal with Guido for Element’s gambling debts. He has agreed to work for the Pebble Beach Golf Gambling Corporation “Cathedral Spires” in exchange for relief of debt. Guido picked him up this morning and they are off to Monterey. We have asked that we be able to come get him in time to return to Das Skunk at the appointed return time. We are not sure what his assignment will be, but we think he will be assigned to sit on pebbles to fuse them into larger rocks for the festive fence being built. We did have to agree to pay his room and board. We have a semi-truck load of peanuts and hay being delivered as we speak.

For those of you who have asked, Mary Granite is doing better. She and Seymour seem to be settling in nicely. Seymour has asked that she move into our home with him. Oh Lord, will this never end?

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Seymour #21

As you recall Seymour and Julia had babies in 2013. Five of them. Abandoned, and then adopted. We adopted Seymour II and due to his father issues, he has been in long term meditation with the effort to gain transcendence from rubble to bedrock.

Element can’t seem to keep his stalk to himself and discovered Seymour The II, disturbed his introspection and informed him that daddy was back.

The II called his four siblings: Roche with Empress Bee, Gabriella with Marg, Graystone with Barb, and Rocksy with Saundra.

The II set out to find Dear Old Rock and have a face off. Unfortunately, Daddy got into the case of party champagne and was hammered so Seymour II had to settle with holding Dad’s head up to keep the decomposed granite from being aspirated.

Meanwhile, Julia is out of jail thanks to Daddy Judge Standstone. We wait to see what Attorney Clay Feet is going to be able to do for us with the FBI.

What messages do Seymour’s progeny have for dear old Rock Face?

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