Seymour #23

As Sarge Charlie was wont to say, “Heck a Brick!”

Mary Granite has moved in. Julia Sandstone is protesting in the street. Element is calling us begging us to come and get him and Seymour is being fitted for a custom projection protection so we don’t have new babies to worry about.

Seymour and Mary are talking about getting married and moving back to live with Das Skunkmeister, but Seymour says that he has to return to Daddy first and make the arrangements for their rock bed. After the arrangements are made then he will call for Mary. We are a bit suspicious about this arrangement and believe it will be Seymour’s way of leaving her behind. Mary now has nowhere to live but with us. “Heck a Brick!” But at least we know where Seymour is and don’t have to worry about him running off all over the place like the last time he was here.

Element! “Heck a Brick!” We all rock piled into the SUV and made the drive to Pebble Beach. Element looks terrible. His hemorrhoids are bleeding and making the rocks for the wall red and Guido is not happy. We were told to take him back home and Attorney Clay Feet will have to come up with another way to make good on his gambling debt. So we went to the rock store to look for an industrial sized diaper to keep the SUV clean and brought him home.

When we got home Julia was fighting with the Sheriff over her protest that is blocking the street.

“Heck a Brick!!”

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40 thoughts on “Seymour #23

  1. "Annie" says:

    This is the first time I read about Sarge Charlie, Mary Granite and Seymour. This is hysterical, I love it. laughing, laughing, laughing…

    This blog has the perfect name…Comedy Plus! I love it.

    Thanks, for another laugh…it's the second time today you've made me laugh…no wait, it may be the third. :))))

    "Big Hugs" to you. :))) And have a great evening. :)))

    P.S. I left you a reply about Dawn on ANPITS.

    • Comedy Plus says:

      This is the second time Seymour has traveled from Colorado to visit with us. Every time he does there is tons of trouble.

      I went through your Facebook friends and still can't find Dawn. 🙂

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