Seymour #21

As you recall Seymour and Julia had babies in 2013. Five of them. Abandoned, and then adopted. We adopted Seymour II and due to his father issues, he has been in long term meditation with the effort to gain transcendence from rubble to bedrock.

Element can’t seem to keep his stalk to himself and discovered Seymour The II, disturbed his introspection and informed him that daddy was back.

The II called his four siblings: Roche with Empress Bee, Gabriella with Marg, Graystone with Barb, and Rocksy with Saundra.

The II set out to find Dear Old Rock and have a face off. Unfortunately, Daddy got into the case of party champagne and was hammered so Seymour II had to settle with holding Dad’s head up to keep the decomposed granite from being aspirated.

Meanwhile, Julia is out of jail thanks to Daddy Judge Standstone. We wait to see what Attorney Clay Feet is going to be able to do for us with the FBI.

What messages do Seymour’s progeny have for dear old Rock Face?

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28 thoughts on “Seymour #21

  1. Graystone says:

    Dear Dadder. Unlike you, I have exceeded every one of my goals. I attended Shale Universty and graduated Summa Cum Laude AND Summa Cum Lowd – thanks to my after school job doing the campus landscaping. I did it in record time, too. I then went on to become a wildly successful attorney. I even started my own law firm. I found that despite the overnight success and riches beyond my wildest dreams, I hated the lime light. So I found a little plot of land in Bedrock and I bought myself a John Deere. I am finally living the life I love! And I owe none of it to you, Dadder.

    Thank you Aunt Sandee for sending me off to a chance at having a brighter future! mwah! (k) xoxo

  2. DrillerAA09 says:

    Dear Dad,

    It's never too late to live happily ever after, but you need to abandon bad influences. Sink Hole and Quick Sand are just no good and they will continue to drag you down with them. Let me introduce you to Peter. Now there's a rock you could build a church on.

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