Royal Rosarian Knighting

After we register in the hotel lobby, we’ll head to the Royal Rosarian Knighting Ceremony in the Rose Garden Amphitheater. Our incoming International President (Rosalie Davis-Green) will be knighted during this ceremony.

Knighting Ceremony – Guests are welcome to witness festival pageantry dating back more than a century, as worthy candidates for honorary knighthood kneel before Queen Kahedja of the Realm of Rosaria. The Knighting returns to the beautiful Portland Rose Garden Amphitheater.

Next we’ll attend the Queen’s Garden Party at the DoubleTree Hotel. We’ll be able to meet the past Royalty of Rosaria as well as the 2015 Queen and the 2016 Court. We will also be attending the royal luncheon.

After we recoup from all the festivities we will travel to Columbia River Yacht Club for dinner. There will also be boat rides from 3-5. I’m looking forward to this. Any excuse to get on a boat works for me.

A very busy day, but I’m sure it will be a fun day too.

Image credit: Rose Festival

Portland Yacht Club

Thursday is a full day of activities. We start our meetings off at Portland Yacht Club, along with a wonderful lunch. I’m looking forward to seeing another yacht club in a different state.

After our work is done we will return to the Oxford Suites to collect our luggage and move to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. We’ll spend the next three nights there. We’ll be glad to settle down for a bit. Moving to a different hotel everyday is pretty tiring.

I’m not sure where we’ll have dinner, but we’ll figure that out after we visit the hospitality room in the Presidential Suite, located on the 15th floor. It’s a time to have a cold adult beverage and network with other past commodores from all over the county.

Image Credit: DoubleTree by Hilton

Angel & Isabella

imagesThis morning finds us traveling north to visit Sharla and her two kitties. Sharla is the author of BeadedTail. I used to lurk at her site because she had three adorable babies. There was Sadie a beautiful Husky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012, and her two kitties Angel and Isabella.

Here’s the two kitties I get to meet. Of course I get to meet Sharla too.
Image Credit: Click on Image

Angel is on the left and Isabella in on the right. They are so cute I can hardly stand it.

After a visit and the handing out of treats and toys we’ll be heading to Portland and spending one night at Oxford Suites before we move to the convention center for the IOBG Spring Regional meeting. There will be numerous IOBG members converging on this hotel Wednesday evening. I’m looking forward to a fun convention.