Royal Rosarian Knighting

After we register in the hotel lobby, we’ll head to the Royal Rosarian Knighting Ceremony in the Rose Garden Amphitheater. Our incoming International President (Rosalie Davis-Green) will be knighted during this ceremony.

Knighting Ceremony – Guests are welcome to witness festival pageantry dating back more than a century, as worthy candidates for honorary knighthood kneel before Queen Kahedja of the Realm of Rosaria. The Knighting returns to the beautiful Portland Rose Garden Amphitheater.

Next we’ll attend the Queen’s Garden Party at the DoubleTree Hotel. We’ll be able to meet the past Royalty of Rosaria as well as the 2015 Queen and the 2016 Court. We will also be attending the royal luncheon.

After we recoup from all the festivities we will travel to Columbia River Yacht Club for dinner. There will also be boat rides from 3-5. I’m looking forward to this. Any excuse to get on a boat works for me.

A very busy day, but I’m sure it will be a fun day too.

Image credit: Rose Festival

40 thoughts on “Royal Rosarian Knighting

  1. BeadedTail says:

    That sounds like a great time! Hope the weather is good for it all! We're having really strong winds down here that could send you sailing across to Washington! 🙂

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