Portland Rose Festival

We had fantastic seats for the parade. We watched the parade in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The picture below is the very first entry in the parade. We were seated across the stadium so we got to see the parade first.

We were inside so it didn’t matter if it rained.

Nothing better than watching and hearing a Marine marching band. These guys were very, very good.

Hubby and I enjoyed this entry very much. Loved the music and the routine.

This was a most enjoyable parade. There were 98 entries in this parade so it took quite a while.

Heading Home

Today finds us heading back towards California and home. We have a stop to make later this afternoon to visit Kathe (who authors It’s a Snap !) and her hubby Russell along with the owner of the house, Miss Lucy.

Miss Lucy is their four legged feline. I fell in love with Miss Lucy long ago as I’ve fallen in love with so many kitties around the world.
Image Credit: Click on Image

I’m expecting a lot of loves from Miss Lucy and a great visit with Kathe and her husband. I’ve been a blogging buddy of Kathe’s for a very long time and it will be great to finally meet. We both are so much alike where our husbands are concerned. We both married our best friends and our soulmates.

We’ll have a nice dinner together and some good wine. We’ll be spending the night and heading home early Monday morning. It’s time to go home and do tons of laundry and unpack. I’m pretty sure we’ll be ready to be on our boat too.

Grand Floral Parade

Today we will enjoy the Coronation of the 2016 Queen of Rosaria and the Grand Floral Parade. I’ve been told this is a breathtaking event that I will remember forever. I’m looking forward to this experience.

A cherished highlight of the Portland Rose Festival, this popular procession is more than a spectacular floral-filled parade; it’s a beloved annual tradition. For more than 100 years, Portland families, visitors and community groups have been making memories at the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade. A colorful reflection of local, regional and international communities, the parade draws hundreds of thousands of cheering viewers of every age, along a 4.2 mile route that winds through city streets and across the river.

Our afternoon is lunch on our own and then back to the hospitality room if we wish. It’s a bit early for cocktails so I’m guessing we won’t show up there until around 5 or so.

Tonight is the Grand Floral Ball where everyone dresses to the nines and enjoys a great meal. There is dancing after the festivities. Hubby and I will have dinner elsewhere and then enjoy some quiet time. These fancy balls are not our cup of tea. We’ve dressed up for events before, but have decided we don’t want to do that anymore.

This is our last day in Portland and tomorrow will find us back on the road heading toward home. We have one more stop to make and I’m looking forward to that visit very much. More about that tomorrow.

Image Credit: Rose Festival