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Time for Comfort Food

Image Credit: Click on Image

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87 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    That all looks good. I love the seasons of comfort food. I am making my version of a cottage pie for tonight.

  2. Sandra Hangey says:

    i love every thing in this photo. and the bad news is, all of it is on the NO NO list for IBS… all my comfort foods are on the no list

  3. Cathy Kennedy says:


    Mmm, yum! Some of these dishes look so good. I made a huge pot of chili last week. I love making it for the fall weather. Next time, I think I need to make a pot of beef stew…oh wait, I have a new recipe I want to try Colorado Green Chili. I think I’ll give that one a try very soon. Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my friend!

  4. foguth says:

    You’re purrparing for Thanksgiving, aren’t you?
    We are starting to harvest ‘nip, so are getting in that mood, too. Thank you for hosting this blog hop.

    • Sandee says:

      We don’t do special meals for the holidays anymore. It’s just the two of us so we just plan the menu for the week and they make those things. πŸ™‚

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    Yum! Autumn and Winter are definitely the seasons for comfort food. In moderation, of course.OL

    Thank you so much for hosting. Did you go on your PIttsburg cruise yet, Sandee?

    • Sandee says:

      It sure is and I’m ready for all those dishes and more. No, we don’t think we’re going to Pittsburg until next year. Other things got in the way. πŸ™‚

  6. Deborah says:

    Oh Sandee there was a time in my past I ate that kind of food but if I ate it now my digestive system would rebel in the worst way! πŸ˜€ Have a wonderful Wednesday and week! Big hugs! πŸ™‚ <3

  7. Anne M Robinson says:

    What time are you cooking? Need some help? YUM YUM YUM !!! I love the cooler weather because I can make soup and my daughter the fresh bread baker. ha! Lots of yummy menu choices in the cooler weather. I hope you have a wonderful Wendesday! LOVE to you.

  8. Anne M Robinson says:

    Oh this looks so enticing. I would just have to walk a few extra miles. I love baking and cooking in the cooler months. Thank you for this display of deliciousness. LOVE you my friend

  9. Suzana says:

    Thank you a lot that you introduced my post. As I wrote, only Wednesday evening I can Complete all the links. I’ll do it anyway, do not worry!
    And now thank you for the fabulous image and the site with recipes, even I am not so good in cooking complicated things.
    But it’s good to know!
    Happy WW, dear Sandee and I am grateful for everything!

  10. XmasDolly aka Marie says:

    I’m late as hell, but I keep having a problem or too with my brain, but I made it. I don’t really do other days, but I’ll stop by. Love you my Sista I’ve been missing you so much! Check out my blog if you can. I think I did a pretty good job. Big hugs & a big ol’ smooch Goodnight (of course tell the hubby to do that for me hahaha)!!!! Just remember I do care very much & may God bless you & yours!!!

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