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Being happy is a good thing.
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85 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. suzannedunaway says:

    THESE ARE HILARIOUS. Thank you for making us laugh on Tuesday. I did post a funny pic of me being rubbed by my kitty sitter while I discuss with her whether I should be moral or immoral a while longer.

  2. My GBGV Life says:

    Mom feels bad when she smiles under her mask and no one knows, but she is also relieved when she mouths something nasty at someone and they can’t see that either! That smoking weed one is so true. The world has really gone crazy!

  3. Cleo says:

    These are a hilarious way to start a day, and dad says thanks! You know, I’d say dad agrees with the mask/swearing thing, but he doesn’t have a problem saying that to someone even without a mask. He does, however, enjoy not having to be clean-shaven.

  4. XmasDolly aka Marie says:

    HI HONEY! MISS YOU! I’m back, but I just got to fix my blog once & for all. So my daughter is coming over to see what she can do. If you go to my link and click on the picture on top all the snowflakes move & everything is clear, but otherwise I think it’s working. Would you stop by and leave a message & I’ll check to see if it works. Then I’ll be back. Miss you soooooooooooooooooooooo much, but I’m really trying to get here. WOW did you seem Mr. Golch’s new blog it’s awesome. I wish I could make mine look just like that, but I bet it costs a pretty penny! 🙁 Oh well, talk at ya later. So if you have time please try to stop by & leave a comment. HUGS… LATER SISTA! HUGS

    • Sandee says:

      Your comments are off again and your background is covering your posts. Hard to read. I’ll have you know that I’m the one that set up Mike Golch’s blog. I was trying to do that for you. I love you sweetie. 🙂

      • XmasDolly aka Marie says:

        OMG I WOULD LOVE THAT & I WOULD LUV U FOREVER & A DAY (well I probably will anyway, but it sounds nice don’t it) hahahaha You and I have to talk…. OMG you got my heart pounded now! HUGS… We’ll talk soon…. hugs… It’s really late and I have to try and do Wednesdays blog… HUGS love you immensely my Sista!!!!

  5. Cathy Kennedy says:


    I had to giggle over ‘you’ve gotten so big’ meme and it would be funny if it weren’t true about family gatherings being illegal. What this world is coming boggles the mind! Have the happiest Tuesday ever, my friend!

  6. Nancy Chan says:

    Lol! So glad that mirrors don’t laugh. Wearing a mask means I need not have to put on lipstick and most times, people don’t even recognize me. Have a happy Tuesday!

  7. Suzana says:

    I suppose would be better to say the truth with no mask! 🙂
    If the mirrors would lough would be a disaster!
    Thank you Sandee for the selection!
    Have a nice evening!

  8. Anne M Robinson says:

    Oh My Goodness, these had me rolling and my husband too. He is still chuckling over the Screw You one. I guess he can try it at work since our governor lifted the mandates some people are scared to remove the mask and the little narcs will report you quick fast. Reminds me of Catholic school except the nuns used a yard stick to drive their point home to you! And I wonder why I had not one, not two but three neurosurgies. …
    My mirror just chuckles, I hear it!
    I said you got so big to my nieces son once. The jerk said, that is because I am growing up! Really Einstein….hmmmm. your momma needs to teach you what they used to call manners in the old days! You know when we walked to school barefoot uphill both ways! hahahaha…
    Oh the weed…..my parents would flip their lid if they knew you could smoke it in front of the little ones but you can’t do it in person!
    Maybe if some of these uptight folks smoked wacky weed they’d be less prone to report all incidents they search out! lol Here’s a fatty narco!
    I’m so happy I have a life sigh…….
    S M I L E !

  9. Anne M Robinson says:

    Sandee you find the best stuff. Are you sure you are not a professioanl comedienne on the nightshift? You slay me everytime you share these words of great wisdom.
    I promise I won’t write a novel here like my other comment. But you are too funny when you share this good stuff.
    HUGS and LOVE to you for all you do.

  10. Jen says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to see an adult say that to another adult! That would be hilarious 🙂 Maybe not if someone does it to me… Ok just funny in my head!

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