The Interview

An accountant applies for the position of Chief Financial Officer. There are a number of candidates and he is called in for an interview. They ask him a number of questions and one of the panel suddenly says, ”What is nine multiplied by four?”

He thinks quickly and says, ”Thirty five.” When the interview is over he goes outside, takes out his calculator and finds the correct answer is not thirty five.

He thinks, ”Well, I blew that” and goes home very disappointed.

Next day he is rung up and told he has got the job.

”Wonderful,” he says, ”but what about nine multiplied by four? My answer wasn’t right.”

”We know, but of all the candidates you came the closest.”

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46 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Jim says:

    I really like this accounting joke, Sandee. Accountant jokes are strange, the people too. Almost always weirder than Blonde jokes. I shared it on my Facebook page, thank you. I left these words:
    We have about seventeen trained accountants in our family.
    Several have been promoted into finance since their training.
    You'll like accounting jokes even better than blonde jokes.

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