The Auzzie Visit Finale

We all had dinner at The Point Restaurant Saturday evening. The place was very busy that night. Right after dinner we went outside to watch the fireworks (it was Bass Derby Weekend) and we told Phil that we had the fireworks show done because of his visit. He knew that wasn’t true, but it was fun.
From left around the table: Jonathan, Nancy, Pam, Vince, Duffy, Georgia, Phil and me. Hubby was taking the photograph.

By the time the fireworks were done everyone was pretty tired and Phil decided he was ready for a good nights sleep. I think all of us retired around 10pm. Good call because we had more things to do the next morning.

Sunday finds us up and about getting ready for a big brunch at party central. Everyone brings something for everyone else to share. There were 20+ folks present. It’s Phil’s last day with us and little did he know what we had planned.
We enjoyed a great brunch and lots of talk and laughter. The video below was the surprise for Phil.

I want to thank past commodores Duffy and Vince for presenting the parrot (that Phil really loved). It’s a talking parrot and it has a clean side and a one that isn’t so clean. It’s most entertaining and he figures his Rotary buddies will get a big kick out of that bird. After this presentation there were things to clean up, more visiting and then it’s time to head out. It’s about 2 hours to get back to Willow Berm and then to the city to have dinner and drop Phil off at his hotel. He leaves early the next morning to begin his return home to Perth, Australia.

When we travel sometimes we have to open the bridges to get through. We did this day because the tide was too high to scoot under the bridge. The boat in front of us is Holy Moly. It’s Duffy and Georgia’s boat.
It’s quite the feeling to stop traffic so the bridge can go up and we can pass through. It’s not such a good feeling when we are the car on the road waiting for the boats to pass through so we can get where we are going.

Once we got back into the San Joaquin river we let Phil have the boat and he spent the next hour getting us back to Willow Berm. He did a great job driving the boat. I think he liked it very much too.
Once we docked back at Willow Berm we collected our things and headed out once again toward San Francisco. We had an uneventful ride to San Bruno and had dinner at a place called Jack’s that had really, really good food. We enjoyed each others company for a bit longer and soon it was time to drop Phil off at his hotel and head home. We snagged a few beers for him to enjoy along with some bottled water. There were hugs all around and soon we were headed back to our boat. What a whirlwind weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you Phil.

One of the things that stuck out to us (and there were many) was when we toasted (cocktail hour) he said, ‘All the best’. All the best to you too Phil, and you’re always welcome.

Image Credit: Rain Harvest

52 thoughts on “The Auzzie Visit Finale

  1. Marg says:

    Wow, that was quite a week end. Sure sounds like great fun for sure. Something to remember always. Great video too. Sandee, you and Zane and Little Bit have a wonderful week end.

  2. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    What a wonderful weekend. It's so nice to see you Sandee and speaking. It's as if I've met you myself. A week ago I met an Australian who was staying at my friend Al's home. We had breakfast together just before he had to go home. He was a wonderful person and he loved my Bumble Bee and wished he had one. Have a great flight home to Perth Phil and Sandee & Zane, enjoy whats left with the weekend. I loved the video Sandee. You should do more videos in your blog. See ya my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  3. cube says:

    It all looked like so much fun. Really, the parrot, the flag, his accent (love it). I have some Aussie blog friends and I always found their humor to be exceptionally witty. You and hubby can rest assured you were fine hosts.

  4. mail4rosey says:

    lol I could understand him talking too!! Sometimes I can't understand an accent. Looks like a nice group of people. I think it's wonderful that you had a great time. Hurrah for good people and friends! 🙂

  5. Barb says:

    Well, thank goodness you had some good interpreters! 😛

    Meeting online friends is so much awesome. So glad you all enjoyed this visit big hugs xoxo

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