Seymour #19

We bailed Element out of jail.

We found Seymour.

Around the corner.

With Mary Granite.

And Element told Julia.

We heard several Sheriff’s cars running code 3 and winding up around the corner. Julia and Mary are in a rock bashing brawl and the four of us ran to see what is happening. Oh Boy. There are several Deputies getting Julia off Mary and you don’t want to hear the language she is using. And this from a person who didn’t want Seymour anymore as her amour.

Mary is being attended by the arriving paramedics who are applying generous amounts of cement to her wounds. Julia is being hauled off to the Public Safety Center for battery and terrorist threats.

Arraignment TV is scheduled for tomorrow. I believe Judge Sandstone has the arraignment calendar.

Well we thought all had settled down, but the knock on the door and the look outside sent Element running to the back of the house.

Guedo filled the door frame and is looking for Element for gambling debts.

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38 thoughts on “Seymour #19

  1. messymimi says:

    This is why i don't understand the reasons a person, or a pet rock, would chose a life of crime, with all the chaos it causes and the cost you have to pay at the end. Are you sure you don't want to send them down here and i'll temporarily "lose" them in the swamp somewhere? Maybe having to survive among the alligators would straighten them up a bit.

  2. stevebethere says:

    LOL I agree chaos pursues x-)

    I am laughing at your reply to Paul this bit cracked me up

    "so don't worry about being confused. It's a pet rock story." 🙂

    Have a petrocktastic day

  3. Skunkfeathers says:

    I am going to have to ground Element when he gets back. Bad rock…very bad rock. Who knew that I was unleashing two geologic bad seeds on CA? Well okay, I shoulda…

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