Scam Alert

I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, and I have even done it myself a couple times unintentionally… but this one is real, and it’s important. So please send this warning to everyone on your e- mail list.

If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up


They only want to see you in your birthday suit.

I wish I’d gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid.

Image Credit: Texas Sharon

52 thoughts on “Scam Alert

  1. Marg says:

    The lesson here is to keep one's clothes on for sure. Too funny. Sandee, you and Zane and Little Bit have a good day and Sandee, do keep your clothes on.

  2. BeadedTail says:

    At least you know now in case they come back today and tomorrow and the next day to check for ticks! πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a fabulous day Sandee! Scritches to Little Bit!

  3. Linda says:

    LOL! So funny, Sandee! I would not fall for this. Thank you so much for adding my blog link to your yesterday's "Awww…Monday" post. I really appreciate your kindness. πŸ™‚

  4. LAC says:

    Sadly, checking for ticks a big reality for us. Megan had Lyme Disease, so you might actually catch her doing this after playing outside near high grass. Though I would NOT do it for ANYONE! Lol.

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