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4M-badge-vintage-etheral1Who are the Music Moves Me bloggers? They are bloggers who blog about music each Monday and if you have music to share, you are most welcome to join!

This is a music link up. Your 2023 4M party host/hostess are found HERE. Every other week we have a suggested music theme to build your song set around and all participants share YouTube or Vimeo videos for our music enthusiasts. Themes aren’t mandatory to gain access to the dance floor but failure to meet the basic guideline (post must contain music) puts your URL in danger of being labeled – NO MUSIC.

The theme this week is freedom of music choice, no theme week!

Tracks: 1. It happens every spring – Art Lund and the Crew Chiefs 2. Spring in Manhattan – Blossom Dearie 3. It might as well be spring – Sammy Kaye 4. Ridin’ Around in the rain – Frances Hunt 5. Spring Medley – Julie Andrews and Sammy Davis Jr. 6. April in Portugal – Dorthy Collins 7. It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom LaneSue Raney 8. March Winds and April Showers – Victor Young 9. Spring Spring Spring – The King Family 10. It Might as well be spring – Shirley Jones

1. Molly’s Canopy
2. Ramblin’ with AM
3. Comedy Plus
4. StacyUncorked
5. Curious as a Cathy
6. Driller’s Place
7. Scriptor
8. Songbird’s World
9. Jingle, Jangle, Jungle
10. Patrick Weseman
11. Sognafaret
12. Xmas Dolly

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28 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Curious as a Cathy says:

    I’m listening to your vintage playlist as I type this and will continue after I’m done. I’m glad you decided to join us on the dance floor for whatever music moves you week. I’m not picky even on themed weeks, if folks have music to share then that’s all that matters to me. Thanks for lovely change in music styles this morning, my dear. Have a boogieastic week! πŸ˜‰

  2. sami veloso says:

    I was just listening to 6 “April in Portugal” and in Portugal we have a song from 1939 about the city of Coimbra that has the same melody. I’ve just read that many singers have sung it in other languages, so this one appears to be one of those. So interesting πŸ™‚

  3. Birgit Bedesky says:

    Loved listening to some of these great songs from yesteryear. I love that you attached Doris Day at the end with the Oscar Dong, ” April in Paris.”

  4. Marie aka NaNee! says:

    With the pain I’m feeling today this music actually is quite soothing. Reminds me of my mama! She always played music on her stereo & that my Dad bought her. She hounded him until he finally gave in. hahaha – Thank you for joining us! HUGS

  5. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden) says:

    Vintage songs are a link with the past. Theses people now gone had the same likes as us – and, like us, celebrate spring. And they celebrate it without skimpy costumes or backup dancers waving their rears around. There’s a purity to this music that makes it so attractive. I didn’t know many of these although I did know the Sammy Kaye song. Alana ramblinwitham.

  6. Marie aka NaNee! says:

    Well, aren’t you the unique one!!! hehehe That’s why I luvs ya! You’re one of a kind! Luv your taste. Never the same. I likes that in a girl. I haven’t heard these songs in so long & it makes me think of my mama. She loved music so much & boy did she love to dance. Gotta luv mamas!!! Does your mama love music? Probably! With a daughter such as you you probably made her happy all the time!!! Have a great day & thank you for being you! HUGS

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