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Post whatever weirdness you want. That’s it.

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Being happy is a good thing.

Hubby sent this to me and I could relate. I hope you find it as amusing.

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82 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Rose A (@mail4rosey) says:

    LOL I can relate. The first time I noticed a change was a couple of years ago, sitting on the floor wrapping gifts for the holidays. After an hour or so, I tried to hop right up and my body said, ‘oh you think so? LOLOL

  2. A ShutterBug Explores says:

    Ah ~ the aging process ~ happens to everyone but the young don’t realize it soon enough ~ lol ~

    Lots of hugs to you from me and Ziggy in ‘our aging’ era ~ Xos

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    • Sandee says:

      That’s what I did too when Zane sent this to me. We just have to laugh at ourselves as we age and can’t do things as easily as we once did. Hugs. 🙂

  3. mollyscanopy says:

    Ha Ha, yep — that second one is me in the morning today. The first one is me out on the town in my 30s. Ah, aging. Nice we have blogging to keep us busy! Happy Tuesday 🙂

    • Sandee says:

      I keep moving. I can’t do things as fast and getting on the floor and trying to get back up isn’t attractive one bit. You have a blessed evening too, Suzana. 🙂

  4. Marie says:

    Hello my Sista, and how are you this lovely day? Great I hope! Well, I may be late with this one, but I did post finally. We went out to lunch today at PePe’s! That’s mexican food. They’re pretty good there, and we took my sister-in-law out for her birthday! She’s a real sweetheart. She plays piano & sings at her church. Her voice sounds like she’s singing opera. She’s really good. Anyway, we had a grand time. I haven’t been out to lunch in I can’t remember when. It was fun. So, guess we’re going on the weekend of June 17th. We’re going to Wisconsin Dells with my son & his girlfriend too! Woo Hoo! My cousin’s son is getting married and that’s where its going to be. I sure hope I’m doing okay then. It would suck if I was in pain still of course I’m always in pain, but most of the time I can ignore it, but some days no way Jose!!! Anyway, yeah I can’t wait. My cousin Kim is her name we grew up together & she’s more like a little sister to me. Her son even though we’re cousins he calls me Auntie Dolly! He’s too cute & oh yes he’s a real good boy… uh… man! Well, he’ll always be my boy. Okay Gotta go finish Wordless Wednesday and get posted. Luv ya my sista! HUGS! God bless you & yours!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        My sista all I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being you! I knows your mama is proud of you and your hubby is too as I am!!! I’m so glad to have met you! I don’t remember when or how, but who cares… I LUVS YA! Even without any help, I luv ya for you! You’re a great lady and your smile always says so much! HUGS

  5. Marie says:

    Oh yes, I saw that one it’s hilarious! Your hubby has a great sense of humor! Hmmm, Maybe you should ask him to be your secretary and he can help you find the funnies! hahaha You two make a great pair! Have a wonderful day my Sista! Hmmmm Does that make your hubby my brother-in-law? hahahaha Luv ya girl!!!!

      • Marie aka Xmasdolly! says:

        Luv U 2 my Sista! You’re the best non-sista every, but in my book the Lord made us sistas for sure! HUGS & a smooch on duh cheek!!! Hmmm does that make your wonderful hubby my brother-in-law in cyber space??? ~hehehe~ God bless you both. Tell duh hubby to keep up the good work with making you happy! You so deserve it! Sending BIG HUGS and a wish for a wonderful weekend for you two! LUV U!!!

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