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Being happy is a good thing.

Many years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to never make new year’s resolutions. It’s been the only resolution I’ve ever kept! D.S. Mixell

Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings. Jonathan Huie

We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Ellen Goodman

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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69 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Nancy Chan says:

    “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)
    Wishing you and yours “Happy New Year 2021”. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. violaetcetera says:

    Absolutely agree, endings don’t deserve their bad reputation. Without them we would miss out on so many wonderful things.
    I don’t make resolutions for the new year as well.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Cathy Kennedy says:


    I like all of the quotes but especially the last one. The new year is very much like opening a book of blank pages ready for us to write the right path for the coming year. 🙂 Have giggletastic day, my friend!

  4. Eastside Cats says:

    The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam, 1859:

    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

  5. Sandra Hangey says:

    no resolutions for me, never have never will.. but i do plan to take Marthas health challenge for 30 days, she is doing a challenge for each month. we shall see if i do it or not

  6. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Pawsome choices for today. I don’t do resolutions, but spend this time of year reflecting on the past and formulating goals for the New Year. As you can image, there’s been a LOT of reflection this year. Happy New Year my friend.

  7. The Gang at LLB says:

    I’m in the middle of trying to do my “planning” for 2021….but 2020 has scared to even try and plan anything outside of the home and blog “to-dos”

  8. XmasDolly says:

    So, here I sit in the middle of an Illinois snowstorm! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr It sure is coming down heavylike! Excuse me…. one more time…. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Just looking at it makes me feel colder and colder. So hubby & I said I think we’ll just stay home and watch movies. When we went to visit my step-brother in Michigan this past summer they gave me a bunch of DVD’s they didn’t want & we never saw & now I know why I took them… FOR TODAY! HAHAHA Wanna come over and watch movies? Oh wait, you probably have sunshine & going to take your boat out for a spin aren’t ya! YOU GO GIRL! So happy for you that you have such a life that you so deserve! Well, have to do tomorrow’s post. My friend Cathy said she’d help me. So… I’m off to my looney bin cuz that’s where this blogging is taking me lately. I forgot to post today’s funnies… so I just did it if you’d like to come see & put a smile on! HUGS & HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING dearest!

    • Sandee says:

      The sun is shining, but we’re due to get rain all next week. We’re happy about that. Enjoy the movies honey. We don’t go anywhere on New Years. Love you bunches honey. Tons of hugs. 🙂

  9. Kathe W. says:

    I don’t make New Year Resolutions- but what I do is attempt to put our home in order prior to the New Year- sort of what some cultures do: paying off all bills, cleaning out clutter in closets and drawers etc. Sweeping out the house! Starting out the New Year with some sort of neatness. Today I organized all the drawers and cupboards in our kitchen. Most of them were tidy, BUT there were four that we nicely call the junk drawers- no so junky now! Tomorrow I will clear out and organize the utility room…that’s all I need to do! Happy Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses to you and Zane!

  10. Caren says:

    I stopped resolutions years ago too, I prefer “intentions”…in 2020 all of my “intentions” were sidetracked due to COVID but praying for a much better 2021 for everyone!

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