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Biarritz was once a sleepy French fishing town, yet it’s somehow transformed into one of the best places in France to visit, in large part due to the popularity of the Hotel du Palais – which was once upon a time the summer home of Napoleon.

It’s not just Napoleon that liked it here either – Biarritz has been a vacation hotspot for European royalty from right back in the 1800s.
tuxpi.com.1682548576Image Credit: Click on Image

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87 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Marie says:

    Hello my Sis, I did it again! Woo Hoo! Going to bed early tonite! haha… well, earlier! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help & have done for me! You’re the best sista in the whole world! I luvs ya to pieces!!! Gosh, I pray one day we could really meet for real!!! 🙁 Luv ya my sista!!! HUGS

  2. Suzana says:

    Thank you for the presentation of this place. An interesting area as history, a beautiful place
    also in the present.
    Thank you, Sandee!
    Happy WW and a fabulous week ahead!😘❤️

  3. Curious as a Cathy says:


    Beautiful, faraway places! It’s interesting that you referenced Napoleon because I do as well in my post today. What are the odds? Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my dear!

  4. DrillerAA says:

    This looks like one of those places that we long to visit, a bucket list destination.
    I have visions of historic hotels or bed and breakfast accommodations, fine dining, unique shopping, and a place to let the troubles of this life fade in the distance, if only for a little while. Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday.

  5. Sami says:

    We visited Biarritz when we drove around Europe around 35 years ago. Back then I don’t think it was the fashionable place it is nowadays. Very pretty. Have a great week Sandee.

  6. Kathe W. says:

    Wow! Back in the early 70’s I lived in a little village called Campello- it was sweet charming place. Now it is a huge touristy city. It’s true that one can never go back! Have a lovely day!

  7. Marie aka Dolly! says:

    You sure have lotsa people following you & I know why! 🙂 You are so lovable! Just wanted to stop by again & thank you for stopping by. There’s a few things I have to iron out, but hopefully I can figure it out! You’ve done enough for me. You’re the best sista ever! Sending hugs xxx Have a great weekend! Be safe for I know you’re already loved!!! hugs…

  8. Natasha says:

    Looks exotic and luxuriant. Nice place to take a lazy cruise in a boat amidst the dazzling grandeur.
    Thanks for this history lesson. I wasn’t aware of this town in France at all, dear Sandee.

    Have yourself a wonderful rest of the week, dear Sandee. I am so glad I could link up this week, despite being away to my Dad’s. I added a video reel of the Van Gogh experience from my Instagram, on my post today. 🙂

    Huge hugs and kisses xoxox

    • Sandee says:

      I does look exotic and luxuriant. I would love to have our boat there and just stay on our boat. We could afford that.

      Hug hugs and kisses back, sweet, Natasha. 🙂

  9. Rosey A says:

    I have only been to France once. I would love to return and explore more of the area and it would be an experience for sure, to stay where Napoleon once stayed.

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