Tuesday’s Question

questionOne of my favorite blogging buddies, Annie of A Nice Place In The Sun

Today she has asked me to author Tuesday’s Question. I’m proud to do so. Not only will I ask a question, but I’ll answer it as well.

What is one of your fondest memories of your childhood. Is it food, a smell, an event, a holiday, or just snuggling with your favorite cat or dog? Was it a vacation or some other outing. I know we all have some great memories. Well I hope you do.

I didn’t have the best of childhoods. I came from a home with lots of turmoil. I guess that’s why I chose this question. As we age most of us look to find good in things and not dwell on the negative. I found many things that were fond memories when I was very young. My mother could sew so very well and when I went to the first grade I had tons of beautiful dresses. Yes we wore dresses to school back in the 50s. I was dressed to the nines. There are bits of pieces of fond memories. A trip to the beach to play in the sand. Learning how to ride my first bicycle, under the watchful eye of my parents. It was a quieter time, and in a world without electronics. Having said all this my fondest memory was anything to do with my wonderful mother. She’s been gone many years and I’d give anything to spend a day with her again.

Now it’s your turn to answer, but I’m going to ask you to give your answer over at Annie’s place @ A Nice Place In The Sun, because I’ve turned off comments here.

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