Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful we avoided Halloween by being on our boat last Saturday. It was a quiet and enjoyable weekend. I didn’t see one trick or treat kid/teenager. They are cute, but it’s just not our thing anymore.

I’m thankful Little Bit spent the weekend with us. She was in an urn, but we talked with her and it brought us some peace and comfort to have her back.

I’m thankful for the rain we got last Monday. Everything was so very dry. I hope we have a wet winter. We are in a severe drought.

I’m thankful that Saturday will be my last official work as president for IOBG Delta District 19. I hand the gavel to the incoming president and I can step back. It’s been a great experience, but I’m ready to take it easy. One more year at the head table and I’ll be done with a decade of volunteering for yacht clubs.

I’m thankful to live in a great country. There is much to fix, and there are many issues that need addressing, but I’d rather live here than just about anywhere else.

I’m thankful that we have a cruise that starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to get out on the water again and just enjoy the scenery as we boat down the channel. We love it so.

So what are you most thankful for today?

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54 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Jean R. says:

    Yes, enjoy your cruise!

    I am thankful that my health has improved so much this past year and that I'm actually feeling great. I am thankful that I still have choices left in life. Lots of people my age don't.

  2. Marg says:

    Glad you are having such a good time on your boat and talking to Little Bit. We know she is listening. I am thankful for my health and all my cats and all my blogger friends. Lots to be thankful for,, that is for sure. Have a great cruise. Sandee and Zane, you two have a great day.

  3. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    I'm very thankful just for life itself and being happy with my lovely wife and friends, all my friends, those near me and blogger friends.
    Have a than thankful Thursday Sandee. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. DrillerAA09 says:

    I am ever so thankful that we live in the same town as our grand kids. We have a front row seat to watch them grow up and get to be involved in many of their activities. They are growing up too fast, as the youngest is now twelve, so there aren't quite as many activities to attend as when they were younger.

  5. Traveling Bells says:

    Aww, so glad y'all took LB for another boat ride.

    Like Driller, I am thankful that all our kids and grands live nearby and we see them often. I am thankful for many friends, both near and far. Blessed beyond measure!

    Big hugs, honey…

  6. Linda says:

    Sandee, I am with you on the Halloween thing. I tend to hibernate on that night. LOL! I stayed home, watched a little TV and snuggled up with my cat, it was nice and quiet. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your cruise, dear friend. Hugs. πŸ™‚

  7. BeadedTail says:

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend and Little Bit was able to go too. I'm thankful that despite how much I hate to go, I'm actually feeling progress from my exercise class. My body is much stronger than my mind when it comes to exercise. I'm also thankful we're getting much needed rain too and everything is turning green.

    Enjoy your cruise! Hugs to you!

  8. messymimi says:

    How lovely being on your boat must be for you! As much as i like them, i wouldn't want to do the work involved in upkeep, so it wouldn't be the life for me.

    Right now, i'm thankful to have work, even if i do get tired sometimes.

  9. Barb says:

    I am thankful for my husband, family and friends, our home and our kitties. So glad you took LB out another time.

    I am also thankful one of my sisterdears is visiting for a week! Yay.

    Have a lovely day! and rain. πŸ˜‰ big hugs xoxo

  10. Jim says:

    You do have lots to be thankful for, Sandee. I am glad for you. Being on the boat over the nice weekend must have been special. Little One, I have been missing problems that you have been having. I am sorry you have to go through being in the urn but am glad you were okay enough to go for the weekend with Sandee.

    I am thankful that our moving is over and a lot of the boxes are unpacked. More thankful still is that we can be close to our family. We see Karen and KP two or three times a week now that we live just a few blocks away.

    Mixed emotions about our weekend. We had storms and a lot of wind and rain Friday and Saturday but Saturday evening and Sunday were really nice. That meant having Trick or Treaters for the first time in 16 years, we had none when we lived in the hills and golf courses with the 24 hour manned gate to keep outsiders out. Insiders were busy at a lovely Trick, Treat, and Trunk party and off the streets.

    Still we enjoyed these little monsters, wild animals. movie characters, etc.
    And before the madness Mrs. Jim and I visited KP to Trick or Treat her. I'd show you her picture but FaceBook locked me out since I shut off their offensive cookie.

  11. cube says:

    This week I'm grateful that Missy Moo is doing very well since her procedure. When my daughter picked her up yesterday they told her she was a little fighter and that she bit the vet.

    I'm glad you find comfort in talking to Little Bit. I still haven't told you my story about that night. Just let me know when you're ready for it. My email is:

  12. Kathe W. says:

    I am thankful for all the good friends we have. Right now we are up in PDX visiting and running errands. Also catching up with everyone and laughing a lot!
    We had a fun Halloween at our Weed Library and we are all thankful for our new space!
    Have a lovely day !!

  13. Rhonda Albom says:

    If I had come here on the day you wrote it I would have been thankful for my birthday and getting another year older. For today, I am thankful my dad's emergency trip to the hospital wasn't too bad and that he is home now. Your thursday posts are always inspiring, so I am thankful to have you as my friend and to be able to inspired each week by you. (By the way, New Zealand is a pretty cool place to live too.)

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