Seymour #17

Seymour, and his friend Element, came back to California. This in spite of the court order by Judge Jeremy Sandstone that he leave the state and not return.

We aren’t sure exactly why he returned. As you recall when here last he created quite a few problems including the pregnancy of Julia Sandstone and the birth of children all adopted out to bloggers across the country, the theft of our ski boat and subsequent arrest for drunk driving, various scenes at the local county Department of Social Services and his eventual appearance in family law court with Julia’s father Judge Jeremy Sandstone.

So he is here, and as he does, he cannot keep himself inside the home or keep his rock protrusion out of problems. Naturally the first thing he had to do was visit Julia across the cul-de-sac. Abandoning his protrusion-de-sac, he returned home smelling suspiciously dusty and began looking for a place to hide. Later during the day the local sheriff’s deputy came by asking questions. We deferred to Element to answer as we did not know what lies Seymour and he had concocted. Before the Deputy left he reminded us of our culpability if we were harboring a fugitive.

Right now we are just endeavoring to find Seymour as he is somewhere hidden and we are not sure what he has done. Oh wait, we found him and Element and they are indeed hiding, but from what.

52 thoughts on “Seymour #17

  1. Marg says:

    Oh Seymour, you are just so silly. No telling what you are hiding from now. But it is fun to have you back. Sandee, You and Zane have a great Tuesday.

  2. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    I'm not quite sure what this is all about. I must of been out of the country when this whole thing was about. I'm lost.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday Sandee & Zane. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  3. Skunkfeathers says:

    Before being shipped out, I gave Seymour explicit instructions to behave, and I told Element to see that he did. Once again, it was like talking to a brick wall….*TOING* Seymour insists that he has relatives on the 9th District Geologic Court of Appeals; me thinks that's a lode and though we see that stonewalling is a tried and true defense, Seymour should not take for granite that his relatives will save him from some further legal inquarries here…*ducking boos and throwd whatever's handy*

  4. Skunkfeathers says:

    PS: and because there's a substandard Hollyweird movie director named after me, doesn't mean that Seymour and Element are destined for their own Transgeologic-ers movie series…

  5. Skunkfeathers says:

    Sandee, yeah I do know better, but the ever shrinking optimist within me keeps suggesting that a word of wisdom will be hoid. As the rock would say, "nyuk nyuk".

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