Seymour #24

Julia Sandstone has gone over the top. She has damaged our property and rock pelted Seymour and Mary’s bedroom. Attorney Clay Feet has gotten a restraining order to keep Julia away from us.

We look outside this morning and a billboard has been erected rock blocking our driveway announcing Judge Sandstone’s newest campaign. He has discovered that the office of Mayor of our small town is coming open and has thrown his considerable weight in the rock ring.

His campaign slogan: To the rock pile with Seymour; Julia for City Council; Judge Sandstone for Mayor.

“Shoot fire, heck a brick!”

Element has suggested that we file suit on all of them and get judgements to pay his debt. So off we roll to the attorney’s office. We spent a considerable amount of geologic time in the conference room discussing various and sundry items and issues and the result was that Attorney Feet has agreed to file the suits on behalf of Mary Granite citing Loss of Consortium. We were unaware of this, so help us, we had no idea, we really didn’t know. We thought all was going well between Seymour and Mary and that life was granite, but the stress of the trip this time to California has created a problem of El Capitan proportions.

Because of all the problems with Julia and Judge Sandstone, Seymour has erocktile dysfunction.

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40 thoughts on “Seymour #24

  1. Marg says:

    Wow, talk about problems, those rocky rocks sure have many troubles. Hope things get better soon for all of them but it is hysterical to read about it all.

  2. DrillerAA09 says:

    Best of luck to you, but it's been my experience that "You can't fight City Hall." City Hall makes the rules, then modifies them to suit the situation. They will drag you through the system grindstone until your pebbles fall off. The only two attorneys that City Hall fears is Mountain Mover and Earth Shaker. Their firm "Mover & Shaker" have had some success with local government. For mayor, I'm voting for a change. My candidate of choice is Rock Crusher.

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