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Being happy is a good thing.
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78 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    MOL…all are so true, Sandee, we feel that way sometimes too, but I have to say that my voice has made purrogress since I’m getting older, it’s much louder now…MOL😹Pawkisses for a wonderful dayπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  2. Cecilia Upchurch says:

    BOL the bottom right reminded my of my paternal grandmother’s excuse:
    When Daddy would invite her to go somewhere, she always declined saying she might have to go to the bathroom…
    now I’m wondering if she was too old to know there were potties EVERYWHERE?
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    These are great. My voice is definitely worse than my problems. In college choir I was asked to mouth the words. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting. Have a nice day. XO

  4. Sandra Hangey says:

    I enjoyed all four of the funnies today! Especially the one about the singing voice mine seems to have gone downhill in the past 25 years

  5. UP says:

    A. Happy Birthday! B. it is usually the top right corner that attracts me. But the Facebook comment is so on point. And with the New Facebook. I may not be on it as often. Don’t like it AT ALL!
    Stay safe out there.

  6. A ShutterBug Explores says:

    Fun post ~ do hope the weather improves for you Soon! Sounds dreadful ~ World has gone mad in many ways ~ ^_^

    Xox from us on Cape Ann MA ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Pamela Jackson says:

    I go through the house singing a lot of the time. Luck would have it that there is NO ONE to hear me but the furs. I know that sometimes pitches hurt the dogs ears so since she has not started to howl I think I have not bothered her yet!! I even make up songs about the furs. haha

  8. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    Happy Birthday Sandee. As far as the 4 ideas, the 4 moods are the ones that fit for me. To Old, to Sober ( I haven’t had a drink in over 32 years , I think that means sober ) I don’t have time, well I have a lot of time. LOL Have a wonderful day on your birthday my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  9. t says:

    Ha Ha – those are very good ones. Mom says she is glad she never gave in to FB – she knows she would just get lost in there:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Kathe W. says:

    Love your funnies….especailly about Facepuke. It was taking too much out of my day…..so I cancelled it….takes a month for it to go away…..if I ever go back I think Lucy will have a FB page…not me! Hugs to you and Zane! xoxo K R and Lucy!

  11. The K Clowder says:

    Wes loved all 4! Mom laughed so hard, coffee came out her nose!!! Wes Loves that!
    Happy Birthday to you β™ͺβ™«β€’Β¨β€’.ΒΈΒΈβ™₯
    ΒΈΒΈ.β€’Β¨β€’β™«β™ͺ Happy Birthday to
    yoooooooouuuuuuu β™ͺβ™«β€’Β¨β€’.ΒΈΒΈβ™₯
    ΒΈΒΈ.β€’Β¨β€’β™«β™ͺ Happy Birthday deeeeeeeeear Sandee! β™ͺβ™«β€’Β¨β€’.ΒΈΒΈβ™₯
    ΒΈΒΈ.β€’Β¨β€’β™«β™ͺ Happy Birthday to you
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  12. Anne RObinson says:

    Better late then not here at all. We are dealing with the first snow of the , goodness, it is still summer here technically. HaHaHa Enjoy your week and thanks for the laughs. HUGS across the miles XO XO

  13. Nancy Chan says:

    Haha…my friend even helped me create a Facebook account because I didn’t have one. Yes, Facebook can really takes up alot of our time…….I like all the 4 quotes…….Have a beautiful Wednesday.

  14. XmasDolly says:

    Hello, hello…yep, I’m alive and I’ve been sooooooooooo busy I cannot begin to tell you. I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day sweetie and here or no… remember I love you LOTS! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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