Feline Friday

Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is:

Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute).

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What better way to start the weekend than with a feline!
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Friendly Fill-ins

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.

Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne came up with the last two questions.

If you need help, please let either Ellen or Lorianne know.

Here are this weeks questions:
1. ________________ was a pleasant surprise.
2. ________________ was a not so pleasant surprise.
3. I can’t help but _________ when _________.
4. I wish people would stop asking me _________.

Here are my answers:
1. Retirement was a pleasant surprise. I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as it turned out to be.
2. My shoulder impingement was a not so pleasant surprise. I couldn’t use my left arm at all.
3. I can’t help but laugh when I do stupid things.
4. I wish people would stop asking me? I’m drawing a complete blank on this one.

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67 thoughts on “Feline Friday

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    Being retired means you can do what you want when you want, and is wonderful! I love the cat’s blue eyes.

  2. Ann Thompson says:

    For years I always said I couldn’t wait until I could retire. Now that I live alone it doesn’t sound quite as wonderful. I’m pretty sure I would turn into a hermit.

  3. My GBGV Life says:

    That cat looks like our mom’s first kitty years and years ago when she was a little girl. We’re glad retirement is wonderful for you. Mom says it would be the best time ever because she has so many hobbies and not enough time to do them with the work thing.

  4. MadSnapper says:

    I wish people would why I wear black all the time. I am with you on laughing at the stupid things I do and also at the memory loss that is happening every day. laugh or cry, which is more fun?

  5. 15andmeowing says:

    Beautiful kitty looks a lot like Laz of Mark’s Mews. Thanks for hosting Feline Friday and for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am sorry that happened to your shoulder, but glad you are enjoying your retirement. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  6. The Florida Furkids says:

    That kitty has gorgeous eyes! Mom laughs at herself a lot. She did when she kept reading the last one and couldn’t figure out what it was you wished people would stop asking…then she realized what the answer meant.

  7. Kathe W. says:

    You find the the sweetest cats ever! Have a great day everyday! xoxo
    Oh and here are my answers:
    1. Todays sunny day was a pleasant surprise,
    2. Yesterdays rainy day was a not so pleasant surprise.
    3. I can’t help but smile and laugh when our Lucy Cat tries to speak English.
    4. I wish people would stop asking me ? I have no idea how to answer this!

    • Sandee says:

      Love your answers and I still have no answer for #4. Oh well, I’m not alone. Have a fabulous day and weekend, Kathe. Love and hugs to you, Russell and Miss Lucy. 🙂

  8. DrillerAA says:

    Recently being found completely cancer free was a pleasant surprise.
    My wife needing knee replacement was a not so pleasant surprise.
    I can’t help but be joyful when I read how much Jesus loves me.
    I wish people would stop asking me “What are you doing to stay busy?”.

  9. Jen says:

    Ow, so sorry about your shoulder. Also sorry that I have been a little MIA lately. Pneumonia, colds, flu, stomach flu, strep, so many activities. I am mostly losing it. If one more person gets sick I am moving us all to remote island for a bit!

  10. meowmeowmans says:

    Wow, the eyes on that kitty are so beautiful. I love that you are enjoying your retirement, Sandee!

  11. Curious as a Cathy says:

    I’m glad retirement turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We’re still a few years out before DH retires but I’m looking forward to it when gets here. I’m so thankful he’s able to work from home and I hope this keeps up. 🙂

    • Sandee says:

      I wasn’t sure about retirement, but it’s been wonderful. Hubby and I enjoy our time together doing what we want to do. We’re in our 70s so we need to be retired. Hugs. 🙂

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