Feline Friday

Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is:

Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute).

Make sure you leave a link to your post and I’ll visit your Feline Friday post.

What better way to start the weekend than with a feline!
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Friendly Fill-ins

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.

Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne came up with the last two questions.

If you need help, please let either Ellen or Lorianne know.

Here are this weeks questions:
1. I wish I could train ________ to ________.
2. I am planning to get _______ for _______.
3. I know it’s time to ______ when ________.
4. I felt brave when I _________.

Here are my answers:
1. I wish I could train the world to be kinder.
2. I am planning to get in great shape for next summer.
3. I know it’s time to stay home more when it gets cold.
4. I felt brave when I was working.

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98 thoughts on “Feline Friday

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    Those are cute kittens. Nice fill ins. I think the world is getting nastier instead of kinder and it is very sad.

  2. Ann Thompson says:

    Those kittens are adorable.
    I keep planning to get in shape but I’m having a hard time cooperating with the plan.
    I don’t know if there has ever been a time when I can say I felt brave.

  3. messymimi's meanderings says:

    The kitty picture has disappeared, for some reason, probably because to err is human but to really foul things up requires technology.

    It would be nice to be able to teach the world to be kind. Hope you and Mr. Zane have a great weekend, hugs!

    • Sandee says:

      I deleted a bunch of my photographs. Only the scheduled posts. Bugger and I spend an hour replacing all of them this afternoon. Happy weekend to you and Mr. Sweetie. 🙂

  4. My GBGV Life says:

    I couldn’t see the kitty photo but the fill ins are good. The world is becoming so selfish and cruel, it makes us all sad. Have a fun weekend…and this winter you can stay home and warm in your new kitchen 🙂

  5. foguth says:

    Oh meow is me, now Mom wants another kitten or two or three… and I was just whipping Rumble into proper shape! Speaking of shape, I was hoping to treat myself into a roundish shape BUT my v e t and staff got into an evil collaboration and they now have me on a vile diet… Poor Saphera has been on one for over a year…. Ms. Sandee, this lack of treats and no table scraps is dreadful – can I have them arrested for abuse?!?!!
    Oh, and thank you for hosting this blog hop.

  6. 15andmeowing says:

    Such cute kittens. Thank you for hosting Feline Friday and for participating in the fill-ins. You are incredibly brave with the job you had. I look up to anyone who does that. And I am with you on #1.. Have a nice weekend. XO

  7. Deborah says:

    Those babies are so adorable I want to scoop them up and bring them home with me! I like your answers to the fill-ins and the pictures of the kids at the bottom of the page! Have a really great Friday and weekend and stay safe! Big hugs! 🙂 <3

  8. mjgolch says:

    Sandee love the kittens. as far as your answeres 1) you and me both. 2)Yeppers! 3) Yes unfortunatly! 4) I did as well now I am content to stay at home for the most part.

  9. A ShutterBug Explores says:

    Oh such adorable kitties ~ each one is a love ~

    Lots of love and hugs to you dear one from me and Angel ~ XoX’s

    Wonderful seasonal photo and haiku ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. DrillerAA says:

    Every family portrait has one or two members that are distracted by something more interesting to them than the camera. Excellent fill-ins.

    I wish I could train my lawn to stay the perfect length.

    I am planning to get more sports photos for parents this year.
    I know it’s time to grab the camera when the leaves start to change.
    I felt brave when I played high school sports.

    Have a blessed week.

  11. kittiesblue says:

    Sandee, if only someone could accomplish #1. With the direction the world is heading, I thank God everyday that I am old. I get so frustrated and know I don’t what to be here in another decade or two. Thanks for always linking us up! Have a great weekend. Big hugs, Janet and kitty kisses from Sawyer and Cooper Murphy

  12. Pamela Jackson says:

    Here are this weeks questions:
    1. I wish I could train _____CHEY___ to _____USE THE LITTER BOX___.
    2. I am planning to get _____MYSELF SOMETHING__ for CHRISTMAS_____.
    3. I know it’s time to
    4. I felt brave when I _____YOUNGER____.

    Love those little kittens. Cutest.

  13. Kathe W. says:

    Oh such cutie pie kitties- we once had 4 kittens all at the same time from different places……
    Here are my answers:
    1. I wish I could train myself to slow down a bit.
    2. I am planning to get more fit this winter- for my health’s sake if not my vanity! Already swimming laps 5 days a week!
    3. I know it’s time to quit complaining when it doesn’t fix anything!
    4. I felt brave when I helped my sweetheart survive a scary medical event. I did not panic I just did what was necessary.

    • Sandee says:

      I love your fill-ins. I’m doing #2 right now and it’s working. I’m feeling and looking better. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs all around. 🙂

  14. Anne M Robinson says:

    Great post all around. You have such a knack for sharing the best photos. Always giving us smiles. THe fill in’s were great too. Hoping your weekend is going along well. Take care HUGS and LOVE

  15. Cleo says:

    Yeah, good luck on that #1. Seems like it’s getting worse and worse. What an adorable bunch of little kitties to start an early Saturday morning.

  16. Rosey says:

    Such a cute little bundle of kitty cats. 🙂

    Cheering you on to getting fit before summer. I have found that teaching (which I have loved the last couple of years) doesn’t allow for much actual exercise and I’m starting to get a little fluffy. I want to get back to being more fit too!

    I wish I could train students to never make fun of or put down others.
    I am planning to get presents for Christmas now, so I am not financially overwhelmed in December.
    I know it’s time to eat when I start to get a headache (I get too busy to eat at work so many times) .
    I felt brave when I transitioned from being married for many years, to being a single mom. It wasn’t the life I wanted for me or my family, but you do the best you can do when life hits you with surprises, and you fight to make your new norm a good one.

    • Sandee says:

      I admire you so much. I was with you when your marriage was over. I kind of knew, but you did what needed doing and look at you now. I’m so proud of you. 🙂

      • Rosey says:

        And I am happy. Being married was so good and I loved it and never wanted or expected it to change, but being single is nice too. I am enjoying this chapter in my life. I think we make our own happy. 🥰. Thank you, Sandee and have a happy Monday. 😊

  17. UP says:

    it is beautiful and I am green with envy!

    Here are this weeks questions:
    1. I wish I could train my son to call me!
    2. I am planning to get a new shaver – trimmer for my beard_.
    3. I know it’s time to go to bed when I start yawning.
    4. I felt brave when I killed the copperhead. .

  18. Invisibly Me says:

    I can’t think of getting in great shape for next summer. The cold weather hits, my joints hurt more, it’s too cold to walk far or eat anything other than comfort food & all good intentions go out the window 😂

    Have a lovely weekend, Sandee! xxxx

  19. meowmeowmans says:

    Oh, just look at those little babies. So fluffy and cute!

    I’m definitely with you on answer #1, Sandee. This world seems to be getting meaner by the day. 🙁

  20. darlamsands says:

    There is something about the Scottish fold cat that really tugs at the heartstrings. 🙂 As for kindness, people like you do spread the light. On that note, I hope McGuffy’s Reader is doing well.

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