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Fran & Marlo Cowan (married 62 years in 2008 when this was taken) playing impromptu recital together in the atrium of the Mayo Clinic. That piano captures just one part of what makes the Mayo Clinic so remarkable. It’s a place where people come not only to be healed and made whole physically, but spiritually as well. Around that piano we come together as an ad hoc family — a community of people on different, but similar journeys – to heal together and share what brings us hope and joy.

It’s all in your attitude!

Image Credit: Dare to Soar Higher

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Merry Christmas

For those of you who celebrate Christmas I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Today is a day of togetherness for hubby and I. A day to reflect on the reason for the season. A day of love.

Whatever you do today may your heart be filled with happiness and peace.

Image Credit: Christmas Greetings39

Politicians Defined

Found this video on Facebook (thanks to Steve @ BF Dude), and had to share. This is spot on. It depicts politicians perfectly. Either side of the aisle too, so no pointing any fingers at just one side. This just applies to them all.