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What better way to start the week than with a smile.
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93 thoughts on “Awww Mondays

  1. Cathy Kennedy says:


    Ahhh, that’s so cute! I’ve seen this picture before and it’s just adorable. It’s interesting how mama animals are with their babies. The instinct to take care of the wee ones is in us all, even critters. Thanks for sharing and hosting, my friend! Have a awwwesome week!

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Awww he must be tiny! That’s so sweet, going on a little walkie and holding his mama or dada’s tail because they can’t hold hands/paws β™₯

    Happy Monday, Sandee – I hope you two have a good week ahead.xxxxx

  3. XmasDolly aka Marie says: My new link, so you don’t lose me ever again & I’ll never leave you ever again (God willin’)!!! Hey, did I tell you lately that I LUVS YA, BABE! GOSH, I SURE DID MISS YOU! Between huge headaches, takin’ back the computer the kids gave me & exchangin’ it for one that WORKS, grrrrrrrrr, and then puttin’ it together, and then trying to figure out a place I can call home… speakin’ of which how you like my new home? How’d I do? Woo Hoo!!! I sure did miss everyone and missed bloggin’ too! I’ll get my other posts goin’ soon, but for now the two I really enjoy is Mondays & Wednesdays.. and our friend Steve (don’t do anything I would do) bwahahaha he cracks me up, but he’s such a nice fella. Well, I do have others to visit Sis, so “I AM WOMAN WATCH ME ROAR”! Remember that one? hahahaha LOVE YOU IMMENSELY & MISSED YOU EVEN MORE! HUGS…. See ya later!!!

  4. Anne M Robinson says:

    Always such great photos here that you share with us. I lsure love how this little one is making sure he doesn’t stray from mom. A sweet blessing for a Monday. Thank you my friend for all you do. HUGS and LOVE

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