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What better way to start the week than with a smile.
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84 thoughts on “Awww Mondays

  1. Cathy Kennedy says:


    What a colorful, cheery feathered friend! Now, that’s really nice to see on this dreary rainy Monday. Thanks for the splash of color to my morning filling my heart with a rainbow and a grin. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  2. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb says:

    Terrific photo! The North American varieties (at least way up here in the Great White North) are not such a striking blue! I had to look him up.
    And Marv and Kozmo went to Mars, not because Perseverance landed there this week, but because I did not come up with a decent Dad Joke. I was procrastinating and started on the horoscopes and at the NASA site I found the photo booth! Thanks for the Hop and visiting us! Have a marvellously happy day!

    • Sandee says:

      I loved what you did at the photo booth. So fun. We can do jokes some other time. You did a great job. You have a marvellously happy day and week too. Smooches to Marv. and scritches all around. πŸ™‚

  3. The OP Pack says:

    What a beautiful bird!!! Mom just texted the bird breeder today to see if he has any new baby canaries. He had said maybe in February – we are still waiting to hear.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Anne M Robinson says:

    The color of this bird is exquisite. W O W ! Of course, the male is always so beautifully decked out. HaHa and the poor female is always drab looking. How unfair! BUt brought me a smile and today was a difficult day. Too many things going on. THanks for all you do. HUGS

  5. XmasDolly says:

    Hi there Baby Girl, How’s everything goin’ with you? Been sick with the flu and it really got me down this time. So tired all the time and there’s so much to do around the house. My daughter has been trying to help me, but there seems like there’s just an over abundance of things to do. Whew! I get so tired so fast….plus I’ve been so depressed about my blog not being able to figure things out. I’ve been looking for a place that doesn’t cost so much, but haven’t found any yet…. cuz this blogspot has been driving me nuts. Cathy has been trying to help me, but I guess our minds just doesn’t jive or something, but we did get a little lee way together last night so we’ll see. Cathy has done so much for me trying to keep my blog. She’s really a sweetheart for sure. We’ve known each other a while. She’s been on Monday’s Moves me with me a long time. Anyway, time for bed. Hope all is well with you sweetie… how you & family doing? Great I hope. Well, sending you a big hug and a smooch to go with it. Love ya…. HUGS, Marie

    • Sandee says:

      Everything is fine here. I hope you get your energy back soon and feel like yourself. I think Cathy has helped a lot. Just don’t worry about your blog right now. You just need to feel better. Love you. πŸ™‚

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