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questionIt’s Wednesday so that means it’s question time. It’s time to ponder and then answer just one question. Okay, you can add all you want as a reason for your answer too. We’d all like that.

So here’s this weeks question: What’s your favorite city/town to visit?

I actually have two and can’t decide one over the other. The first is Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, California. It’s right on the ocean and it’s ever so peaceful. There’s also a great Italian restaurant (Nicks Rockaway) to enjoy. The second favorite place to visit is Bridgeport, California. Bridgeport is Gods country. Enough said.

47 thoughts on “Wednesdays Question

  1. Barb says:

    Gosh, just one? hmmm… Well, if I knew I could ONLY go to one ever again I would definitely say my hometown of Tewksbury, MA. It's where I grew up, graduated from and one of my sisterdears still lives there. It's where we all meet up to visit. Family and school chums. And such good food, too. Yup, that's the one.

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Ann says:

    This one is kind of tough to answer since I don't get out much πŸ™‚ There is a little town called Volant that is fun to visit though. It's full of wonderful little shops.

  3. Stephanie Faris says:

    My favorite vacation was to L.A. Just SO much to do in California. I still haven't seen it all. But I think the prettiest city I've ever been to is Charleston, South Carolina. And I've been to Paris. There's something about those beautiful houses on rainbow row that get me every time!

  4. Marg says:

    My favorite city is Charlestpn, S.C. I used to live there and it is gorgeous with lots to offer, plantations, the ocean and just lots of fun stuff to do. Take care Sandee, Zane and Little Bit.

  5. Rajagopalan says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Khajjiar village in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh India. It is a picturesque place in the Himalayan mountain. I had been to this place last year.

  6. Christine says:

    Oh, I am awful with favorite questions! I like too many! I guess places along the ocean are the best. Hilton Head was nice. Anywhere in Bermuda was beautiful. The coast of Maine is wonderful. So is Nova Scotia.

    Well, almost anywhere on the ocean. I've been to Martha's Vineyard twice, and I don't ever want to go back.

  7. Jean R. says:

    There is a little tourist town on Lake Michigan that I've been going to since my teens. I've been all over the United States and still name that town my favorite place to visit. There are prettier places but none with so many good memories attached.

  8. cube says:

    I'm not much of a traveler. I do remember some good times, back in the day, at Lake Hopatcong, NJ, but now I prefer places in Florida where its warmer. I love the pristine beach at Ft. Desoto Park. No condos, very few people, lots of nature.

  9. messymimi says:

    Actually, i'd have to say my favorite is whichever one we will visit next on my yearly sanity retreat! It has my friends gathered from around North America, that's what makes it best.

    Although London would be a big contender, too.

  10. Tony McGurk says:

    Devonport on the central north coast of Tasmania. About an hour & a half east from where we live now. We lived there for about 3 years & it's still my favourite place. Beaches, waterfront walking cycling tracks, fishing spots & just a lovely place to live. When we came back to Tasmania we mainly came to Launceston rather than Devonport to be here for our ageing parents.

  11. MNL says:

    I love San Francisco and Kyoto. But there are so many places I have not been so I’d like to also add a blank for some place I might see in the future.

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