The Lifeguard

The lifeguard told a mother to make her young son stop urinating in the pool.

“Everyone knows,” the mother lectured him, “that from time to time, young children will urinate in a pool.”

“Oh really?” said the lifeguard, “from the diving board?

Have a happy weekend.

Hat tip: Paul of Mr. Cruiser’s Notes
Image Credit: Answers Bag

48 thoughts on “The Lifeguard

  1. Paul Pietrangelo says:

    I just love that joke. I bet there was a little girl right under the diving board that he liked. Ha,ha,ha.
    Have a wonderful Saturday Sandee and say hi to Zane and Little Bit from me. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  2. Jean R. says:

    Oh, yuck! But I can sure get a visual of a little boy doing that. I used to go to a YMCA pool that they'd make us get out of ever so often so they could scoop out the poop. I quit going.

  3. Ron Russell says:

    Better in the pool and not the bath tub—–but then bathing in others pee is not my cup of tea. My friend in Arkansas has a hot tub and has told all the kids that use it that it's been treated and if they pee in it the water will turn red. So far no red water, oops doesn't tell us a thing!

  4. cube says:

    From the diving board? OK, that's a brat. When we became pool owners we were let into a little known secret… when an animal or a small child is introduced into a pool, they can't help but eliminate the contents of their bladder. Not to worry, we have products on hand to deal with the problem.

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