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Seymour #26

Well Seymour and Element have returned home.

Attorney Clay Feet has been successful in his law suits filed on our behalf against the Pebble Beach Gambling Syndicate and the separate suit against Julia Sandstone and her father Defrocked Judge Jeremy Sandstone.

Seymour #25

The California Commission on Judicial Performance has referred Attorney Clay Feet’s complaint against Judge Jeremy Sandstone to The Obsidian Fracturing and Retention or Termination Council.

Seymour #24

Julia Sandstone has gone over the top. She has damaged our property and rock pelted Seymour and Mary’s bedroom. Attorney Clay Feet has gotten a restraining order to keep Julia away from us.

Seymour #23

As Sarge Charlie was wont to say, “Heck a Brick!”

Mary Granite has moved in. Julia Sandstone is protesting in the street. Element is calling us begging us to come and get him and Seymour is being fitted for a custom projection protection so we don’t have new babies to worry about.

Seymour #22

We heard from Seymour’s pebbles last week. They all seem to be doing well outside the influence of dear old Rocky Dad and encourage him to do better.

But on to the problems in California.

Seymour #21

As you recall Seymour and Julia had babies in 2013. Five of them. Abandoned, and then adopted. We adopted Seymour II and due to his father issues, he has been in long term meditation with the effort to gain transcendence from rubble to bedrock.

Seymour #20

Well let’s back up just a pebble. We paid a retainer of $5,000 for Attorney Clay Feet to arrange bail with the Sledgehammer Bond Agency for Element’s release.