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The Plane Trip

A blonde was going on a plane trip to New York. When the attendant came by and asked for her ticket, she told the blonde,”I’m sorry. your ticket isn’t for first class. Could you please move to your seat.”

The blonde replied,”I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to New York.”

The attendant said,”That’s fine miss, but you’ll have to go to your seat.”

The blonde responded again, ”I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, and I’m going to New York.”

This conversation continued, always with the blonde’s same response. The attendant got so upset that she went to the captain and told him about the blonde. The captain went and whispered something in the blonde’s ear and the blonde immediately got up and went to her seat in coach.

The attendant asked the captain how he got the stubborn blonde to move.

He said, ”I just told her that this part of the plane wasn’t going to New York.”

Image Credit: Cinders Muses

Two Blondes Fishing

Two blondes rented a fishing boat, and were having a great day catching fish. The first blonde said, ”This is such a great spot, we need to mark it so we can come back.”

The second blonde proceeded to put a mark on the side of the boat.

The first blonde asked, ”What are you doing?”

The second blonde replied, ”Marking the spot.”

”Don’t be stupid” the first blonde said. ”What if we don’t get the same boat next time?”

Image Credit: Facebook

Blonde Interview

A blonde goes for a job interview in an office. The interviewer decides to start with the basics.

‘So, Miss, can you tell us your age, please?’

The blonde counts carefully on her fingers for about 30 seconds before replying, ‘Ehhhh .. 22!’

The interviewer tries another straightforward one to break the ice. ‘And can you tell us your height, please?’

The young lady stands up and produces a measuring tape from her handbag. She then traps one end under her foot and extends the tape to the top of her head. She checks the measurement and announces, ‘Five foot two!’

This isn’t looking good so the interviewer goes for the real basics. ‘And uhh, just to confirm for our records, your name please?’

The blonde bobs her head from side to side for about twenty seconds, mouthing something silently to herself, before replying, ‘Mandy!’

The interviewer is completely baffled at this stage, so he asks, ‘Just out of curiosity, Miss. We can understand your counting on your fingers to work out your age, and the measuring tape for your height is obvious, but what were you doing when we asked you your name?’

‘Oh that!’, replies the blonde, ‘That’s just me running through ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you….”

Image Credit: The Princess Paradox