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StoryGameThis is the completed Story Game of “Seymour – The Pet Rock” that you all did an outstanding job in authoring.

Seymour, the pet rock, is wanting to reconnect with all his kids, but that mean Sandee adopted them out to people from all over the USA. Seymour doesn’t know where all his kids are and he’s decided to look through the rock of ages directory.

Seymour decided to put an ad in a national newspaper. Here he listed his phone number and waited anxiously if anyone would call. Early the next morning the phone rang. Seymour jumped down to the phone. The caller said he knew where one of Seymour’s little pebbles were but he would have to travel to Boulder Colorado.

Seymour dashed for the door and then realized he had forgotten to buy a Valentine card and a box of chocolates so he told his little pebbles that we would have to go back to get the Valentine and chocolates and continue on to S. C. to pick up another Pebble. Oh this is just so much fun to gather the family. So they continued on and stopped at the ocean and that’s where Seymour broke down crying when he saw a Green Sea Turtle floating out into the open waters.

Seymour just knew that the turtle was bringing at least one of his little children to him! And sure enough Seymour saw some little pebbles on top of the turtles back…….the turtle carefully swam to shore and to his dismay, the little pebbles weren’t his pebbles after all. The Green Sea Turtle shrugged and said, “Sorry, but all pebbles look alike to me.”

As Seymour turned to continue his search, he realized that the pebbles were following him down the beach. Sea turtles?? How about he just hits the road with a rock band to look for them all? Ignoring the rock band Seymour stopped and asked the little pebbles following him if they had seen HIS pebbles….to his surprise they said, sure, we saw Roche in West Palm Beach last week.

Let’s catch the next sea turtle and float on down there and see if we can find them on the beach there!!! If we can’t, then we will go to the Smithsonian, where ALL rocks and pebbles are bound to go! Or maybe we should go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where they might be getting recognition for their smooth grooves.

Seymour decides to take a different approach. He visits a local geology genealogical society meeting. There He discovers that there are three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Based on his research, Seymour believes himself to be a metamorphic rock. That means he used to be a different type of rock, buried deep in the earth. Heat and pressure changed him into what he is today…which is a sparkly diamond! Which meant he could afford a First Class ticket to West Palm Beach to visit Roche’ and then head to the Port of Miami and go on a lovely cruise, after stopping to buy a new thong, of course.

Then we heard from Seymour’s human. Here’s their conversation: “Seymour realized that with all of his carbondating through outfits like It’s Just Lodes of Lunch, CarbonDating of Quartz and, his geologic prodigy are scattered like sand from a broken hour glass upon a snow and ice covered highway, revealing the days of our lives”. To which Seymour responded, “Oh PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!” Did NOT!!!” That was Seymour’s taken for granite counter top response. That line got a pet rock face palm

Seymour has found out where all his pebbles are. The most outspoken one lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with Empress Bee of the High Sea of muffin 53 part deux. Another lives in Valdosta, Georgia with Barb and her three kitties. Another lives in Anderson, South Carolina with Marg of Margs’ Animals. Another lives in Holly Grove, Arkansas with Sandy of Lil’ Maddies Meemaw.Β  And last but not least is Seymour II that I have living with me. Julia tried to love him, but just couldn’t.

Seymour is now trying to find a way to afford five different trips to see his pebbles.Β  Knowing Seymour as I do he’ll find some hot rock and get derailed.Β  He’s quite the womanizer.

Contributing authors (In order of appearance):

Steve of bethere2day
Laika of My Dogs life with Vaks
Ann and Gibbs of Ann’s Snap Edit and Scrap
Paul of Mr. Cruiser’s Notes
Marg of Margs Animals
Jean R. of The Misadventures of Widowhood
Michelle F. of New Horizon Reviews
Kathe of It’s a Snap !
Cube of The BLOG
Jen of JENerally Informed
Sandy of Traveling Bells
Caren of Cat Chat With Caren and Cody
Katherine of Shoot Me Now
Rose of Mail4Rosey
Driller of Driller’s Place
Barb of Recipe Basket
Seymour (the pet rock) of Skunkfeathers

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to the Story Game. You are all awesome!

43 thoughts on “Seymour – Story Game

  1. Barb says:

    Well, since getting married I now have 7 kitties and a rock. srly. And would you believe it? Not one of them will lift a eyebrow to clean up after themselves. It's shameful, I tell you.

    I hope Seymour gets it all figured out. You're not taking him for granite, are you?

    big hugs xoxo

  2. cube says:

    It turned out well. Frankly, I didn't know how it would end so I just kicked the can up the road and hoped for cleverer minds to take it from there.

  3. Skunkfeathers says:

    Not only does Seymour get 'around', he IS around in an oblong kinda way. *Seymour is sitting atop the entertainment center with a looking askance pet rock face palm in the making*. He may shortly be off to West Virginia next, to stay with a member of…the FBI πŸ˜‰

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