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    Life Support by Siberian Husky Dog
    It was winter season of 1925, the children of Nome in Alaska came down with the widely feared disease called Diphtheria. When the disease diphtheria broke out as epidemic in the isolated town Nome. Mean time question was how to solve the problem? The closest anti – toxin was more than 1000 miles away in a hospital in Anchorage. The train could take only so far. Such as weather do not drive car, helicopter and airplanes were not able to take off or land So mean time used husky to transported the package remaining 674 miles – 23 degree temperature. Twenty mushers and their sled dog battled the oppose too cool weather and lastly they safely reach with medicine.

    A relay of dog teams brought life-saving serum from distant Nenana. This heroic endeavor earned national prominence for the drivers and their dogs. The dog hailed as heroes and appeared in national newspaper across the country. Remember for remarkable effort build a statue of alto in New York Central Park. How amazing Siberian husky interesting facts. Such as many siberian husky interesting facts so please the site.

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