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68 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

    • carylbeach says:

      My favourite childhood memory..when I started school age 4+ and my now friend for 65 years approached me and said, come over here and play with us….I had just moved to the area and had no friends..I really treasure her kindness at that time and will always be friends with her 🙂 Even though she lives in Canada now.

      • Sandee says:

        What a wonderful childhood memory indeed. It’s nice to meet you and thanks for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop. You’re most welcome. 🙂

  1. Ann Thompson says:

    Thank you for giving me a good laugh every Tuesday before I head off to work. LOVE the one about red white and blue not standing for freedom when it’s flashing behind you.
    Not paying bills is one of my favorite childhood memories. Another is not doing housework.

  2. klara b says:

    maybe because I am stressed lately, but the last one really speaks to me 🙂
    happy Tuesday and the rest of the week, Sandee.

  3. Mad snapper says:

    Just the sight of a police car driving behind me even without the red white and blue flashing makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong

  4. Pam says:

    HAHA….yep, don’t have a stress ball but I do have two Damnit Doll, one for work and one for home! Have you seen them? Its a stuffed doll made of clothe. You slam it on the desk or floor and yell Damnit when you are mad! Or stressed! I have mine standing on my desk at work and it has on a pair of my reading glasses! As for bathing suits, I had a great bod when I was young also, that went to pot with two kids, married life and I can’t seem to get it back with old age and saggy skin. However, I will wear one, normally I can’t find them without the sides at the thighs going up and I can’t stand that so I wear shorts with mine. Body, don’t care anymore. It is what it is and I am okay with that. Well, as ok as I have to be since I can’t seem to change it. HAHA….

    • Sandee says:

      I want some of those dolls. Never heard of them before. Oh shorts. That would work. Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t know either. 🙂

  5. Jeanna Olson says:

    I think that’s a better use of stress balls and maybe squirt guns too? Haaa, the cat one, don’t you know people like that? Why is it that makes me love cats even more?

  6. Skunk says:

    The pet rocks are unaninmous in their opinion that a stress ball should be used in just that manner: throwing it at someone that’s stressing you. Their problem: it’s usually me and I won’t him myself with the ball…

  7. XmasDolly says:

    Oh, I missed one… sorry! HELLO SIS, HOW’S EVERYTHING? hehehe…. WHO LOVES YA BABY? I’m on a road to watching all the Little House on the Prairie shows now! I just finished Little House on the Prairie… I love anything Michael Landon was in. I watched “Highway to Heaven” already I seen some before, but loved seeing all one after another. GREAT SHOW! You take care honey & sorry I missed this one – Love ya Lots!!!! BIG HUGE HUGS I LEAVE IN YOUR CARE! 🙂

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