Tuesday’s Question

questionOne of my favorite blogging buddies, Annie of A Nice Place In The Sun

Today she has asked me to author Tuesday’s Question. I’m proud to do so. Not only will I ask a question, but I’ll answer it as well.

What is one of your fondest memories of your childhood. Is it food, a smell, an event, a holiday, or just snuggling with your favorite cat or dog? Was it a vacation or some other outing. I know we all have some great memories. Well I hope you do.

I didn’t have the best of childhoods. I came from a home with lots of turmoil. I guess that’s why I chose this question. As we age most of us look to find good in things and not dwell on the negative. I found many things that were fond memories when I was very young. My mother could sew so very well and when I went to the first grade I had tons of beautiful dresses. Yes we wore dresses to school back in the 50s. I was dressed to the nines. There are bits of pieces of fond memories. A trip to the beach to play in the sand. Learning how to ride my first bicycle, under the watchful eye of my parents. It was a quieter time, and in a world without electronics. Having said all this my fondest memory was anything to do with my wonderful mother. She’s been gone many years and I’d give anything to spend a day with her again.

Now it’s your turn to answer, but I’m going to ask you to give your answer over at Annie’s place @ A Nice Place In The Sun, because I’ve turned off comments here.

CP Schedule

I’ve been posting every single day for a very long time. Years in fact. I’m tired and am going to change up my posting.

For now I’m going to do the following posts:

Silly Sunday, Awww Mondays, Wordless Wednesday, Feline Friday and Seymour (pet-rock) and his buddy Element until they return home the first of September. I’m burnt out.

So for a change you don’t have to swing by each day. Just now and then and you are all invited to participate in all the memes. See you tomorrow for Feline Friday.

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Hubbies Surgery

Hubby had his hernia surgery yesterday and all went well. He’s now recuperating. I’m doing all I can to make sure he’s comfortable and has everything he needs. I’m even cooking for him and all of you that know me well know that I’m not the cook around here. Well I am for now. He’s not allowed to lift anything.

We have been working getting things done so we would be ready for the surgery. Gassing up the vehicles, putting screens on the boat because it will be hot when we can boat again (that requires removing the isinglass first). Getting all the laundry done, grass mowed, chores done and all the things that need doing so we could focus on hubby getting well and back on his feet.

For those of you that know my husband you know that’s he’s not one to sit around doing nothing and that’s what he’s supposed to do for the first two weeks. I have my hands full.

He gave me my anniversary card on Saturday because he was worried that he wouldn’t wake up from the surgery. This is his first surgery. He was more than worried. Bless his heart.

How is your day going?

Image Credit: Faculty of Medicine in Rabigh