Humor Blogs

Healthy Mom’s Magazine rated the top 100 Humor Blogs and I made the list. Thank you so much.

Here’s her list:

Regretful Morning
Funny or Die
Passive Aggressive Notes
Awesomely Luvvie
The Bloggess
Junk Drawer
Hot Ghetto Mess
The Good Clean Funnies List
Ken Levine
The Onion
Good N Crazy
All Funnies Pictures
Where The Hell Was I
Arca Max
Life Is A Joke
Mad Kane
Pajamas And Coffee
Mike Doe
Richard Cahill
Laurel Zukerman
Brittany Herself
Jumbo Dump
Past Expiry
Got Windmills
Happy Thoughts Travel Fast
My Nephew Is A Poodle
Somewhat Sane Mom
Mommy For Real
Hollow Tree Ventures
The Meat and Potatoes of Life
Not Your Average Mom
Smashley Ashley
Manic Mumbling
Bleeping Motherhood
Wit and Spit Up
Partys 2 Playdates
Peanut Butter Hair
You’re Somebody’s Mother
First Time Mom and Dad
Amber Unraveled
Six Pack Mom
Midlife Margaritas
The Forgetful Files
Lulu and Lattes
Nonsense to Mom’ Sense (of Humor)
Shh Mommy’s Drinking
Lila’s Doodles
Fun is for Free
Miss Cellania
The Laugh Button
Head Rambles
Ocean of Web
Chocolate for Your Brain
It’s Not My Fault
Best Dad I Can Be
Savage Chickens
Comedy Plus
A Nice Place in the Sun
Not Always Right
Shoot Me Now
Ponder Pages
Magneto Bold Too
Terribly Write
Amusing Planet
Everyone Needs an Algonquin
Woodsterman Blogger Bad Boy
Memoirs of a Couch Cucumber
Jeff Vrabel
Erik Decker’s Laughing Stalk
A Working Man’s Diary
C-Section Comics
The Non-Review
Ramblings of a Very Pale Man
Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride
Moments of Introspection
Melany’s GUYdlines
Shibley Smiles
Luke I am Your Father
I am Having a Thought Here
We are THAT Family
Sweetly B Squared
In the Trenches of Mommyhood
That is Priceless
Stephen Thomas: Middle Aged Married Guy
The Lower Crust
The Web Babbler
Quirky Chrissy
Dan That’s Cool