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Join us every Monday for Awww…Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww…and that’s it.

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What better way to start the week than with a smile.

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87 thoughts on “Awww Mondays

  1. Cathy Kennedy says:


    Aren’t they cute little stinkers? You can’t look on kittens without smiling, can you? Definitely an Awww Mondays purrfect image for sharing. Have a marvelous (not manic) Monday! πŸ˜‰ 😘

    • Sandee says:

      No you can’t. We love Awww Mondays. I used to participate years ago when someone else was the host. You have a marvelous Monday too. πŸ™‚

  2. Purrseidon says:

    Moewser Ms. Sandee, Those kittens are adorable! I’m now thinking that I should have chosen something different to post today… my choice was an enhancement for Purrsident Trump’s purrposed security barrier….
    Purrseidon the squirrel hater.

    • Sandee says:

      Hubby won’t let us have anymore and I’m good with that so I tend to go overboard here and I like that. Happy day to you and Ms. Zoe. πŸ™‚

    • Sandee says:

      We had a two day storm that’s finally over. Another storm coming in on Friday. Oh well. Enjoy the quiet with the kids in school. πŸ™‚

  3. XmasDolly says:

    Those kitties are definite awssssssss! Well, what a way to start out a week & why do doctor’s offices call so darn early & wake me up especially when I’m having one helleva dream. ~hehehehe~ Well, I had important stuff brewing anyway, but now I’m so tired I could go back to bed, but I have therapy soon. Bummer! Oh well, no rest for the wicked as they say! Love you girl and thanks soooooooo much for stopping by! HUGS & LUV U LOTS!

    • Sandee says:

      I hope you’re having a great birthday. I’ve a couple more years before I hit the 70. It’s been a wonderful ride. πŸ™‚

  4. Kathe W. says:

    awwww I do so love those little kitties! BUT with Lucy I am content with just her! We are still digging our way outta boxes…down to Russell’s garage boxes which he admits ” I should have left a ot of this” So now we’ll be making trips to Goodwill or else dial 1-800- GOT-JUNK…..have a lovely day! hugs to you and Zane!

    • Sandee says:

      I know Miss Lucy is all you need and she’s happy about that too. I’m glad you’re getting things in order. You’ll have everything done at some point and then you can relax. Big hug to you and Russell and lots of lovies to Miss Lucy. πŸ™‚

  5. Jeanna says:

    You know between you and a few other kitten lovers I may end up with a cat before spring! Meanwhile, I think Ralphie in his bunny pajamas is pretty cute.

  6. Kitties Blue says:

    Cooper Murphy is happy you appreciated seeing his belly and that he is your favorite. Thanks for linking us up. Who doesn’t love ikitten photos? Thanks for sharing these. Hugs, Janet

    • Sandee says:

      I love, love, love Cooper Murphy. He can do anything he wants and he’ll still be my favorite. Happy day, Janet. Big hug back. πŸ™‚

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