Awww Mondays

Join us every Monday for Awww…Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww…and that’s it.

Make sure you leave a link to your post here and I’ll visit your Awww…Mondays post.

What better why to start the week than with a smile.

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56 thoughts on “Awww Mondays

  1. BeadedTail says:

    That made me squeee! πŸ™‚

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday and weekend Sandee! We had a nice, quiet holiday but Angel couldn't figure out why her daddy was home so many days so she was super antsy and stuck close to him. She's so sweet!

  2. Ron Russell says:

    Looks like he's in deep thought. Perhaps figuring out how to catch that kitchen mouse. The reason I said "kitchen" many years ago (way too many) I recall the hole in the corner in grandma's kitchen floor and the little board she would remove each night before going to bed. It was to give the yard cats access to the kitchen, for the night!—yep we had mice in those days.

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