Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful that hubby, Little Bit and I had a wonderful weekend last week. I got my last meeting done and am ready to pass the torch. We had fun and the food was fantastic.

I’m thankful that our cruise over and back was uneventful and pleasant. We passed two tankers coming back to our marina. It’s quite something to pass something that huge. It also seems that almost every time we encounter a tanker it’s on a turn. Makes it far more interesting.

I’m thankful for the first face lift we’ve done on our boat. We stopped by West Coast Canvas on the way home last Monday and are going to do two more things the first part of December. All the canvas and isinglass and the seating in the entire cockpit. I can’t wait because that will really make the boat look awesome.

I’m thankful that Little Bit is still with us. We watch her closely to see if there are changes. We are not looking forward to what will eventually happen, but we’ll love her every minute we get to have with her. She’s been more than precious to us.

I’m thankful for all my blogging buddies. Some have come and gone, but many have been with me since the beginning. You know who you are and you know I love you dearly.

I’m thankful that on October 9th we’ll be having another blogging buddy visit us from Perth, Australia. He’s currently in New York and will end up in Phoenix, Arizona for a convention then on to San Francisco. We’ll pick him up near the airport. We’ll be treating him to the weekend which includes a boat ride. Got to have a boat ride.

What are you thankful for today?

Have a fabulous day.

Image Credit: MiMi King