The information below was written my my husband and sent to all our boating friends and our family. I had written about this, but hubby said it all so much better.

The Saga of Old Dogs

For those who don’t know, Little Bit had two seizures while boating to Stockton with the club on Friday, so when we got tied up we called our Vet in Turlock and made an appointment as soon as we could which was Tuesday at 4p.

We had taken Bit for her annual in December because we knew she wasn’t feeling well. Her behavior was off, following us around unusually and such. Turned out that she had a urinary tract infection and high liver enzymes. The alphabet soup enzyme starts with the letter A and has several letters, so I don’t know which it is but more to follow. This liver enzyme is supposed to be in the 1000 number and hers was in the 3000’s. Meds and sonogram to follow.

The results of the sonogram showed cysts on her liver and we were to stop high protein treats which we did.

Dr said that the elevated liver enzymes can cause seizures so another blood test yesterday. This time the enzymes are in the 4000 level, so it is increasing which is not good. We go back in a month for another test.

Dr was very gentle in talking about what we can do, including a biopsy of the liver, CAT scan on the brain to see what is going on there etc.

Finally we said, “We know we have a very old dog. Our objective is to give her the best quality of life we can and make her as comfortable as we can.” With that he changed, showing relief and we talked about the reality of very invasive procedures that reveal problems that we can do nothing about.

Although he did not say it directly, the feeling that we got was serious liver trouble. We don’t want to say the “C” word, but we are afraid that is where she is headed.

Our instructions then from the Vet are to watch for behavior changes, come back for monthly blood tests and savor every day.

We have noticed Little Bit staring at us with increased frequency as she contemplates her mortality and exit.

So each time you see her, relish the mystery.